Wednesday, October 20, 2010

On blogs and my penchant for abandoning projects.

So I've just decided to start blogging. Dear God, did I just use the word penchant?   I am feeling a little ambivalent about it, like will I actually stick with this (like the time I decided to grow my own broccoli sprouts or decided I was going to bake all of my own bread with the new bread machine...all project abandoned within 1.5 days..)  To my credit, I found out growing sprouts from seeds you get at Wal-Mart can actually be toxic..Well I guess I'll see. 

I have started reading other people's blogs and I now start framing things in my own life like "If I had a blog, I would totally write about this" 

If I thought anyone would read this (What, I'm not being passive-agressive here.)  I would say, "Hey, don't get attached, I have a committment problem, and a terrible work ethic and I'm lazy don't get invested in me writing a blog"  I get very excited about things in short bursts (which is why I grew up with my mother saying, "Why do you have to be SO DRAMATIC all of the time???"

You never know, I may surprise myself.   Ooh, maybe I'll stop by the greenhouse for some organic seeds.

I think I need a waffle maker


  1. This is great Tam! Looking forward to having more of these to look forward to! (And I'm still peeing myself over the turban comment...TOOOO funny! And TOOOO Tammy!).

  2. Skip the waffle-maker. Get STAR WARS PANCAKE MOLDS. That is all. ;>)