Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ode to renewed efforts...

I have been avoiding looking at my blog because I haven't posted in....4 months.  This is typical anxiety avoidance behavior on my part... I feel guilty for not posting, not like I'm disappointing legions of devoted fans or anything.  I last wrote about the fact that since my boys have been getting a bit better I haven't had the screaming inside of my head that gets relieved when I write about it.  Having said that, they are going through a bit of a rough patch...more on that later, but I'm posting today because on of my friends (Cyn or CO as she is known online..) pointed in my face last night and said.."You need to start writing your blog again, I check it everyday".  So even if no else reads it, Cyn, this is for you.  I am also inspired because my other slack blogger friend, Dawn has posted on fruitflies, which you can read at I have to think of other things to write about, which should be ok, since I feel the need to verbally regale people with triviality that I find interesting.  At least with a blog, they have the option of shutting it off.

Thank God that's not an option in real life.  My fragile ego (think inflated balloon that's easy to pop) couldn't take it.  I prefer to live in the misty pink haze of self, I'm sure they want to hear about this, just look at their smiling faces, heads nodding in encouragement... wait, maybe that's not a smile but a grimace of pain, and wait...are they nodding off???  No,  it can't be...come on misty pink for me..

Maybe you should just head on over to that other blog now....

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