Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ages and Stages...and Cages?

It's been a while since I've written a blog post.  If you read the first one, you really shouldn't be surprised.  I'm a little surprised myself that I've stuck with writing a couple of times a month for the last  6 months.  Usually I end up jumping onto idea bandwagons, getting bored or distracted by shiny object and leaping right off onto another passing wagon (usually full of chickens and dudes in overalls named Zeke...)

It is getting a little harder to write about things because my drive to write usually comes out of energy derived when my children (or happenstance in my life) results in some kind of internal trauma, some emotional turmoil, some state of overdramatic whimpering angst that I feel that I have to foist upon the world (oh, the world....really, you think the world reads your blog... more like foist upon the half dozen or so kind folks that take pity on you to read your ramblings... God do I have to be so dramatic all of the time..yes mom, finally I am asking myself this question..congratulations you are now permanently living in my head..)

Ok, non-grammatical stream of consciousness aside.... seems that the emotional trauma that has characterized my surviving with a 7 going on 17 year old girl and toddler twin boys is settling down.  I find myself able to sit for periods up to 20 mins, and occasionally I can even assume a horizontal position on the couch while they watch something on TV or play the WII.  A strange, intermittent peace has descended on the house..starting with Christmas day of this year.  The boys are talking more, in between the fighting, and amusing themselves more.  The screaming, leg clinging impossible-ness has gotten less.  I can now leave a room and gasp, even go up the stairs without a duo of panicked, frantic leaches attaching themselves to my body whilst simultaneously battling each other to occupy the same space.

I've heard other parents say, "Oh, I just want to freeze them at this age...I don't want them to get any older"  Up until now, I could not share this sentiment, my daily mantra of "please grow out of this" repeated over and over in my head has been the only conscience thought regarding ages and stages.

I can honestly say that I am getting to the point where my husband and I are looking at each other more and more, hands clutched to chests, with the "oh, isn't that cute" head tilt.

I guess when you are forced to stick with things they get better. There are actually moments that I wish that they would never get older, that I could capture and keep them just as they are.

 Just like any other wild animal.

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