Wednesday, December 15, 2010

God Bless us, everyone!

So last week Marcus wakes up and tells me his leg is broken.  "Yeah, right kid", I think," this is some master ploy to get something out of me right?  You think you can get workers comp in this place?  I don't think so....I'll have private investigators getting photos of you dancing down the street before you can say free money...."

What's that you say?  My point...oh yes, I did go a little off there...

So I take him down to the couch in the toyroom, thinking his leg was asleep and rushed around to get ready.  After about 20 minutes I call him to the door to put his coat on and he slides off the couch and collapses on the floor.

Oh, so he REALLY can't walk...sign me up for the parent of the year award, once again..

Long story short we get to the emergency room and we wait for 6 hours to see a doctor.  Then we wait another 3 while they test him for all kinds of nasty things that could cause spontaneous lack of leg function, and I know from my medical education (mostly Grey's Anatomy and House) that this could be any number of things: cancer, meningitis, maybe lupus?  It's always lupis isn't it?

But seriously, I had rising moments of panic sitting in the ER waiting for the test results to come back.  I had thoughts of "you are being punished for venting dramatically on that blog of yours..."

After consultation with the doctor on call, the paediatrician and the orthopedic surgeon they figured out that it was something called "toxic synosis" where the cold virus that he has had for the last week has actually attacked the synovial fluid in his knee, causing inflammation and an inabilityt to walk.  Treatment?  2 junior ibuprofen...  I gave them to him at 6 pm and he was walking (after scooting around on the floor for 2 hours) by 8pm.

I can't tell you how if feels to hear,  "Look Mommy I can walk!"

We had our own little tiny Tim there for a while.....

I got gratitude for Christmas.

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