Monday, November 8, 2010

The Devil is Throwing Snowballs

It has happend.  I know, hold on to your hats, it's BIG NEWS.  Are you ready for this???

I had a lovely weekend.

I know...... it's a lot to take in at once. Pace yourself with the absorbtion of this material...

Usually I detest the weekends, long stretches of parenting alone, pulling out my hair at the screaming, the fighting, whining, oh and did I mention the SCREAMING?  In twin boy STEREO?  With a side of six-year old girl indignant, guilt inducing attention seeking.

But, this weekend, I had a very relaxing overnight in the city.  I attended a roast/dinner in honour of a great guy who had a great accomplishment, then I went back to my friends house, drank tea and watched "What not to wear" and slept.  Oh, bliss!!!!  Got up at 11:00 am the next morning and went for brunch, a bit of shopping and coffee.  On the way home, I get a text, "drive carefully, don't hurry,  all under control here"  Talk about foreplay!!!!!!

Sounds delightful huh?  Wait there's more.  When I got home, Chris (my husband) had the kids OUT!.  As in out of the house, as in did not bowl me over, and try to crawl inside my skin and take up residence like a pack of parasitic worms.  (albeit, cute parasitic worms....see how generous I can be?)  They stayed out for two whole hours!  Then we had a peaceful supper which they all ate ( a miracle in and of itself...).

After that we watched Toy Story 3 as a family and get this, for the first time in their lives the boys paid attention to the movie for a whole 90 minutes.  The little faces, transfixed; and lit by the flickering light of the TV screen....oh, I just choke up thinking about it.  The silence!  

The next day I was busy out of the house with the girl, gymnastics, ballet and then 3 whole hours of play rehearsal just for me!

They must be reading the blog and feeling guilty!

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  1. It's me that thinks you are a terrible person by the way. For not updating more. What, you have some kind of a life or something? Ask a person to commit to reading and then not post? Not cool girl, not cool. Hahaha! See ya tonight! :)