Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Rocker chick...

My 7 year daughter is looking for a very specific school bag, it has to:

1.  Not have any characters on it whatsoever (ie Hanna Montanna)

2.  Be over the shoulder (because backpacks are sooooo kindergarden)

3.  Be not too big (because she's barely 40 lbs)

4. Be something that harbors NO CHANCE of being copied by other kids in her class (there was a slight emergency when another kid in her class bought the same backpack mid-year...resulting in a frantic search for anything else to carry her books her, I did not participate in that madness.  I think she used a rolling suitcase....)

So my husband calls me on the way home  from the mall and says, "I think we found the perfect bag for Kenzie, it's over the shoulder with a nice wide strap, the bag itself is not too big and there's only one left in the store..... but I didn't buy it"

"Why not?" I say, "This is a problem solved, you actually found a bag that she likes and you didn't fall to your knees with gratitute, raise the bag to the heavens in exaltation and purchase it before someone else did????  Have you never shopped with this kid before??"   Trying to get  this kid to decide on something that she likes is akin to, well, trying to get my husband to actually decide on something that he likes.  If you've read my earlier posts about trying to get him to make a decision, and the subsequent necessity of pharmaceuticals on my part, you'll feel my pain.

"It has AC DC emblazoned on it.... it giant white letters so I didn't know if that was appropriate".  he says.  Now, this did give me a moment's pause.  I did not want our daughter to be thought of as trying to look older, or beyond her years.  I did not want her teachers to think that we were the kind of parents who just lets there kid act 14 when she's only 7, even though she has passed both the disdainful attitude and eye-rolling exams with flying colors.

He finally made the decision when he took her for a drive and let her listen to some AC DC to see if she liked it.

She went to school the next day with the bookbag singing "Hell's Bells".

I'm sure the teachers thought it was reflection of my parenting at all....

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